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The idea is to give parents a safe, supportive and positive place to bring their children especially when the weather is bad. Kids love to be outdoors but our Lake District weather can be too harsh even for the hardiest of them. They still need to run around and find adventure so we hope to provide an indoor space where they can play with the same energy and freedom that they can outside.


The plan is to create a "Mini Market Town of Kendal" in role play complete with a "Busher Walk" which is where all the emergency services are centralised. We are talking big fire engine, mountain rescue landrover and ambulance all equipped for interactive play and hopefully with flashing lights! There will be role play cafes, hairdressers, a garage with a car the children can "work" on, a vets, a supermarket, a toy shop, an opticians with funny glasses to try on, hopefully a small "wildlife" area with some traditional cumbrian wildlife (teddies!), and of course some diggers. The soft play will reflect Kendal Castle and the current plan is that there will be a ball pool moat surrounding it with drawbridges and slides and a spiral soft play staircase. The coutyard will have space with building blocks for children (and adults!) to build their own castles and beside the castle will be an open area where we hope to recreate traditional tree den building and dry stone walling in soft play and have a picnic area where families will be allowed to being their own food to eat. We also hope to recreate a mini County Show with a tractor or two and of course some sheep, a prize show cow and some straw bales! 


For parents we are designing the layout so that children will be visible as visible as possible, with comfortable sofas so they can enjoy good coffee and cake from the cafe and possibly even a massage or a manicure…


We want the centre to be accessible to everyone and affordable for even the largest families, which is why we have agreed that entry will be on a "Minimum suggested donation" basis rather than a set fee.  

We are discussing with local groups, charities and schools how we can best share our facilities to help everyone and are trying to incoporate aspects into the design which will benefit disabled and special needs individuals and groups amongst others.


We are delighted to receive any suggestions or specific ideas you may have at this stage as we want to make a fantastic facility that will benefit as many people as possible!